BandPage on..Amazon?


What a week – we were featured on’s main page this week for our everlasting love of their Amazon Web Services and EC2 – it truly is an amazing system for scaling a company like ours that handles half a million musicians, millions of tracks and shows, and hundreds of millions of plays.

We want to give a heartfelt thank you to Amazon for having us on their site – if you’d like to read the write up they gave us, please check it out at: or read the text below:




Twenty-seven-year-old J. Sider went from booking bands for a small coffee shop in his Virginia hometown to creating a music app that helps more than 500,000 bands and individual artists connect with their fans. He describes the humble beginnings of his company, BandPage: “We were working from our couches and from the living room. We all believed strongly in the idea, so it would be 80-hour, 90-hour work weeks where we would sleep on the couch and then get back up and just start coding again.”

Released in 2010, BandPage is an online program that works with Facebook to enable artists to reach fans directly, sharing songs and photos and selling tickets to upcoming shows. With BandPage, artists can tap into the passion their fans feel for their music and offer them an interactive experience online. Sider explains, “From working with bands as a manager, I had a good understanding of what they needed. I was looking for innovation and we didn’t see it, so I put together the different things that I wished would’ve been possible but weren’t yet.”

Musicians were quick to see the value of the service, and bands of all shapes and sizes—from garage bands to Rihanna and 50 Cent—started jumping on board. BandPage took off so fast that scaling immediately became the number one priority. For example, Avril Lavigne launched a new single exclusively on BandPage on New Year’s Eve 2010, causing the server load to suddenly increase by 400%. This spike in demand put tremendous pressure on the team to keep up.

BandPage’s service provider at the time did not have the full set of tools necessary to move as fast as demand required, so BandPage turned to Amazon Web Services. Thanks to the on-demand computing power of Amazon Web Services, the team could focus on quickly pushing out new features without worrying whether their website would hold up. They soon found themselves one of the most popular apps on Facebook, successfully serving tens of millions of fans.

Chief Technology Officer Christopher Tholen credits Amazon Web Services with helping their company expand rapidly while maintaining a simple system that readies them for future growth: “To us, the value of Amazon Web Services is undeniable—in twenty seconds, we can double our server capacity. In a high-growth environment like ours and with a small team of developers, it’s very important for us to trust that we have the best support to give to the music community around the world. Five years ago, we would have crashed and been down without knowing when we would be back. Now, because of Amazon Web Services’ continued innovation, we can provide the best technology and continue to grow.”

BandPage is growing fast and hiring more people, and Sider has his sights set high for the future—and that of the online music movement in general. “More and more, musicians are going to be able to take on their careers with tools that can make a difference for them. I think we’ll see a much healthier ecosystem in the music community because of it.”

BandPage is one of thousands of small businesses thriving on Amazon Web Services.

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