Learning on Independence Day

Today, on Facebook we posted the following image:

With the text: “Happy 4th! Here’s your thought of the day – like if you agree/comment if you don’t/share if you’d like!”

It ended up being our second highest liked/shared post, however we got a ton of comments defending autotune, and we feel like from our conversations we learned a ton.

We learned today that:

– This is a poor analogy becuase music is not a competition, but art.
– Music is art, therefore there can not be “rules”, like in a sport.
– Anything, not matter how overused/easy, can help enhance art.

Where do you stand on Autotune? Do you feel its cheating? Or do you feel that its just another arrow for your quiver of tools?

What have you learned today?


– Matt, Your Doctor of Pages

One thought on “Learning on Independence Day

  1. Advice: Sing all your own shit even if it’s not perfect and if you really must do that sort of thing, use a vocoder instead. Roland SVC or Moog, though, not a computer one. I don’t think everything helps enhance art. 99% of music these days sounds like it was copy/pasted rather than expressed, and it is because people make music like they’re creating an excel spreadsheet. Auto-tune is just just another arrow in the quiver of tools that uninspiring people use to churn more boring bullshit that vaguely resembles music. And yeah, it’s nothing like doing steroids as sports are a competition and music is (should be) expressing art.

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