Shaker and BandPage

Hey BandPagers!

You may have seen that we’ve been chatting a lot about Shaker lately on our Facebook and Twitter, but why? Why would we be promoting a service on Facebook that seems to have little to do with BandPage? There is more than meets the eye.

What is Shaker?

Shaker is a place for like-minded people to get together online and have fun.  By placing a layer on top of Facebook it allows users to interact with each other in a simulated, real-life environment.  Walk around the various venues and environments while chatting up your friends and their friends.  Meet new people, listen to music you love or even host your own event.   Shaker’s mission is to bring the notion of life-like places online where people get together with their friends and other people like them.


How are we involved?

We are allowing Bands to easily bring their music into the Shaker Jukebox as well as encouraging/helping bands host their own public events within Shaker.

For their launch in the US, Shaker is building the first online music venue on Facebook in order to create a new ecosystem for artists to promote their music and interact with their fans and we want YOU to be a part of it.

Since launch, we’ve already had great events with Escape The Fate, Far East Movement, Mayday Parade, Lindsey Stirling, and many more. We’ll be doing several more this summer, and we have had a lot of fun seeing our favorite bands SHAKE IT!

How You Can Participate:

(NOTE: At the moment we are only currently accepting submissions with bands with at least 1000 fans on FB but will soon be opening it up to everyone, so please submit either way!)

Shaker Social Jukebox – Gain more fans by allowing users to listen to your music via the Shaker Social Jukebox whenever they are hanging out in the online Shaker Venue.

Host an exclusive Shaker Event – A great opportunity to meet and interact with your biggest fans in a cool and innovative way via an exclusive Shaker Event hosted by you. Hang out and chat with your fans as you move from room to room in the Shaker venue all while listening to your music.  Even take pictures with other Shaker users to help them commemorate and share the experience. **Please note: Your content will be removed at the conclusion of the event.
Host a Shaker Event and the Social Jukebox –
Best of both worlds.  Host an exclusive Shaker event AND enable users to listen to your music wherever and whenever they are hanging out in a Shaker venue long after your event is over.
To apply to have the music and info from your BandPage live within Shaker, click on this link where you can enter in your information.

If you’d like to host an event or learn more, if you go to there is a form where you can submit your musician/band.

We’re super pumped to be partnering with such an awesome company and believe that there is much more and will be done – stay tuned!

– Matt, Your Doctor of Pages

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