Help us rock out SXSW! (With Education!)

Hey BandPagers!

This week marks the last week to vote for panels for SXSW, and we have 4 (we counted em!) up for consideration, and it would mean a lot to us if you could take 30 seconds to vote up these 4 panels.

Here’s the deal: If you go to one of the links below, they’ll ask you to register before you can upvote/comment on a panel. Registering takes less than 30 seconds (really!) and the whole process takes under 2 minutes.

The more panels that we can be on, the more BandPagers we can send to SXSW, and the larger the party we can throw. Party! & &

Thanks! And see you at SXSW! 🙂

❤ BP

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