BandPage for Digital Managers

BandPage: Update Once, Publish Everywhere

1. What is BandPage?

BandPage is a content management system that allows you to easily maintain your musician profile across different services from a single location. Using Bandpage helps you to avoid the inconsistencies, omissions and errors that are often associated with individually maintaining so many different online profiles. Used by over 500,000 artists ranging from local bands to singers and performers like Rihanna, M83, Mayday Parade, BandPage puts the control of your artists’ online presence back into your hands.

2. Why Should I setup a BandPage Profile?

Increased Fan Exposure:  Our numbers confirm the importance of reaching your fans across multiple platforms.

Increased Content Distribution Drives Fan Activity

Higher Fan Engagement:  Our data also shows that artists who have complete profiles see a dramatic  increase in fan activity compared to those who only have partially completed profiles.

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 9.43.09 AM

3. How to Plug BandPage Into Your Existing Website

Completing your BandPage profile is quick and easy.  We allow you to drag and drop photos, easily sync your tour dates and bulk upload your SoundCloud tracks.  And once you’ve set up your BandPage profile, adding it to your existing site is simple.  Learn how below.


You Can Publish to Your Website, Blog, and Facebook…

BandPage Website, Extensions, Facebook

As Well As To Our Partner Sites:


4. Why BandPage?

BandPage allows you to better compete for your fans’ attention by offering you a powerful solution to manage the way you represent yourself on your blog, website and any other major music and social platforms across the web.  BandPage is dedicated to pulling together the fragmented ecosystem of sites you currently manage so that you can easily just update once…and publish everywhere.   BandPage will continue to provide you with new innovative tools to help you manage your digital presence so you can focus on what’s really important-making great music.  Stay tuned!

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