Completing Your BandPage Profile: How to Do It and Why It Matters

Hey BandPagers,

With all the new tools BandPage is releasing for artists in the upcoming months, we want to make sure you know the importance of having a complete and up-to-date BandPage profile to make the most of these new opportunities. In this post we’ll give you step-by-step instructions for completing your profile so that your BandPage is optimized for fans to discover across the web.

Remember, your BandPage info is a first impression for potential fans that come across your profile online. Make sure you’re presenting yourself the way you want! We’ll use Maroon 5 in this blog post as an example of a band that makes a good impression on both new and existing fans.

We highly recommend that in addition to filling out all BandPage fields, you should have a minimum of:

  • 1 paragraph bio
  • profile picture
  • genre
  • 4 songs
  • 15 photos
  • 4 videos
  • updated tour dates

Sign In Now to Update Your Profile

1. Navigate to My Profile
Sign into your BandPage, choose the artist account you want to edit, and navigate to “My Profile” to fill out the 5 pieces of your profile: About, Tracks, Photos, Videos, and Shows.

The 5 Sections of a BandPage Profile

2. About Section
We recommend that you have a profile picture, 1-paragraph biography, and genre filled out at the very minimum. Maroon 5’s bio is great because it tells a story about the band as well as their newest album, Overexposed.

Fill Out Your BandPage About Section

3. Tracks Section
Add at least 4 songs so that listeners can have a good experience and explore your music. Maroon 5 has a good mix of major singles and songs they want to promote in their Tracks section.

Add at least 4 tracks to your BandPage Profile.

4. Photo Gallery
Upload at least 15 photos to your BandPage photo gallery for fans to browse through and share. A variety of photos that give an inside look at your life as a musician will really draw fans in and make them feel more connected to you. Maroon 5 has a good mix of official photoshoot photos, touring photos, and photos from backstage.

Add At Least 15 Photos to your BandPage Profile

5. Video Gallery
Add at least 4 videos for fans to watch. These can be music videos as well as interviews, behind-the-scenes clips, anything goes. Give potential fans a taste of how well you perform, as well as your personality in real life. Maroon 5 has a great mix of their music videos and behind-the-scenes videos showing off the personalities of each of the band members.

Add At Least 4 Videos to Your BandPage Profile.

6. Show Dates
Keep your tour dates up-to-date on BandPage so that your fans in each location can find out about when you’re coming to their town. BandPage tour dates automatically show each fan your nearest show first, so make sure to always add the correct location and time to your shows for them to discover. For example, if a fan is in New York and looking at Maroon 5’s tour dates, they’ll see the Madison Square Garden show at the top of the list and get excited.

Keep Your Tour Dates Up-To-Date

Why is Filling Out My Profile Important?

Our data shows that bands with all 5 of their BandPage profile sections (About, Tracks, Photos, Videos, Shows) filled out get 150%+ more engagement than bands with 4 or less sections filled out. We recommend that a BandPage profile has a 1 paragraph bio, genre, profile picture, 4 songs, 15 photos, 4 videos, and updated shows filled out at minimum.

Impact of Complete BandPage Profile on Fan Engagement

BandPage’s mission is to make it easy for you to manage the way you’re represented online and for fans to discover your music. Our data also shows that the more places your BandPage content lives on the web, the more exponential fan engagement you get. To make it possible for you to get more fans, our team is working hard to find great ways and places for you to promote your music.

Increased Content Distribution Drives Fan Activity

Thanks for tuning in, and we hope you find this useful as you’re managing your musician presence across the web! Follow our blog to get more BandPage news and tips by signing up on the right, and get started filling out your profile to engage your fans across the web!

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