Intimate Shows and 2 Reasons Why They Work


We just witnessed Wild Child’s successful intimate show Experience in Chicago, which was one of the band’s sold-out tour stops. Based on the popular demand, Wild Child decided to supplement the tour with a last-minute show at a small, secret venue, including a special meet and greet with the band after the show.

By all accounts, this was a hit (see image above of the happy fans post-show).

The BandPage team has also been bringing in artists for small private shows at our office. Lia Rose and Cello Joe were recently featured during our team gatherings.


Two great opportunities for bands outside of the regular tour circuit and they work well because they offer direct connections.

1. Last-minute secret shows target superfans that missed out on tickets to your sold-out shows.

2. In-person shows for companies and corporations offer win-win situations, culture and team building for companies, but the chance to build direct relationships for you with both old and new fans.

The best part? Both of these can easily be brokered by setting up Experiences on BandPage. If you’re interested in joining the beta, please let us know!

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