Highlighting Causes on BandPage

One of the best outcomes of Experiences is that artists not only get to meet and share awesome offers with fans, but that they can do so on behalf of causes they truly care about. Most recently, funds from Outside Lands Experiences went to a couple non-profits local to the Bay Area.


Thao Nguyen and the Get Down Stay Down worked with Air Traffic Control to raise funds and awareness for the California Coalition for Women Prisoners.  Air Traffic Control (ATC) provides strategy and support to musicians and their managers on their activism, advocacy and philanthropy work so that they can play an effective and vital role in the promotion of social justice. And CCWP is a grassroots social justice organization, with members inside and outside prison, that challenges the institutional violence imposed on women, transgender people, and communities of color by the prison industrial complex.


The remaining bands participating in the Outside Lands Meet and Greet raised money for The San Francisco Rock Project, “a non-profit, performance-based music school for kids age 7-17 dedicated to instilling confidence, inspiring creativity, and celebrating collaboration in a dynamic and supportive environment.”

What better way to raise a few thousand dollars for organizations making a difference in your community!


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