Guest post: First Ever Bananabeat Weekend with Chris Sergent

Below is Cisco Adler’s post describing his first Bananabeat weekend, hanging in the studio.

A few weeks ago our good buddy and long time #bananabeater Chris Sergent embarked on a trip out west for the first ever Bananabeat Weekend in conjunction with our friends at Bandpage and the Bandpage Experience Program. Chris got to see what it is like to hang with Cisco and co. for an entire weekend of studio sessions, events, and chillin’ in the Bu.

On Friday, Cisco scooped up Chris and brought him over to Bananabeat Studios for a little one on one hang session and a let him be a fly on the wall as he mixed an up coming track for a session with an amazing new artist D-WHY.


The next day Cisco and Chris headed into Hollywood for the SICKY SUNGLASSES Art In The Lot event at the incredible FAME YARD showcasing some of the best new artists in Los Angeles. Chris got to hang with Beardo and Tony Potato of Cisco’s o.g. band Whitestarr, check out some live art by Sicky Crew Members THIS MEANS MAR and GREGORY SIFF, and see what goes on behind the scenes of one of Cisco’s entrepreneurial endeavors. SICKY SUNGLASSES is the first high end sunglass brand that focuses on the creative arts and supporting the amazing scene surrounding them in LA and beyond.

On Sunday Cisco let Chris hang out and watch what goes on in the studio as D-WHY came in to finish up a new song produced by Cisco and co-written by New Hippy Pat Brown. This was an amazing experience for Chris and Cisco alike as it really connected the dots and blurred the lines between fan and artist which is something Cisco really tries to accomplish with Social Media and other avenues available in the new digital music world.

If you would like to participate in this or any other Bandpage Experiences check out all the fun stuff Cisco is offering. The future is BANANAS!

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