Get Set with PayPal

There are a few steps to setting up Experiences on BandPage. One of the most important is ensuring your PayPal account is set up to sell and accept payments. To help you out, we’ve created a list of requirements.


To set up a PayPal Seller account, you need to do a couple of things in PayPal.

1. Your PayPal account must be a Premier or Business account. Personal PayPal accounts do not have the seller option, so you need to upgrade before you can set up a Seller’s account. Note that PayPal Premier and Business accounts are not available in all countries. Check with PayPal to make sure you can set up a Business or Premier account where you’re based!

2. Make sure ‘PayPal Account Optional’ is turned on. This enables non-PayPal Members to pay by credit card, key to let as many fans as possible pay for your Experience.

3. Ensure your credit card and bank account information have been linked and verified in PayPal. In order to sell an Experience, you can not have a negative balance in PayPal so make sure you’re in the black there.

Any questions? Let us know in our Help Center!

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