Get Your Tour Dates To Show Up In Google Search Today With BandPage

Our goal as always is to help musicians generate more revenue and grow their fanbase.  We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with Google to display your show dates when anyone searches for you.  This partnership with Google will help more fans find out about your shows, leading to more ticket sales and, ultimately, more revenue in your pocket.  As long as you are using the BandPage show widget to power your show section on your official website, Google will display your upcoming tour dates to anyone searching for you on Google Search.

Here is a step by step video showing you how make sure your BandPage is powering tour dates on Google.

Here’s how it works: when you install a BandPage Shows Widget on your official website, Google will pull in the dates from that Widget and display them next to search results for you and your band.  This display is called the “Knowledge Panel” and your events  looks like this:

google upcoming events

If a fan clicks on one of the dates in the Knowledge Panel, a new screen appears highlighting details about the show and noting that the information is coming from your official website.  It looks like this:mowglisdatebox.png

To control these results, you just need to install a BandPage Shows Widget on your official website.  These widgets are highly customizable so they look great.  Creating and installing them is a snap (the video above shows just how easy it is).  After you’ve done that, anytime you add a new show to your BandPage Profile, it will automatically update on your website and get picked up by Google’s Knowledge Panel.

It’s important to note that Google will only pull in this information if you install a BandPage Shows Widget on your official website, so log in to your BandPage account and set up your widget on your website today to take advantage of this incredible opportunity (see Google’s official blog post about it here).

We are very excited to partner with Google to give you the power to make sure more of your fans know about your shows and buy more tickets, ultimately generating more revenue for you!

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