BandPage Raises $9.25 Million To Help Musicians Reach and Monetize Billions Of Fans Worldwide

Today we are announcing that we have closed a new round of financing that we will use to continue building out the BandPage Partner Network and to keep creating new and powerful revenue channels for musicians. The round was a $9.25 million Series C round led by GGV Capital and Mohr Davidow, firms who have been instrumental in helping guide and support BandPage as we have grown.

This round of financing will help us accelerate towards our goal of helping musicians make great careers, in addition to great art, from being a musician. We will continue to build out partnerships like the ones we have recently announced with Google, Clear Channel, VEVO, Rhapsody, Xbox Music, LyricFind, Live Nation and more. These partnerships are creating ways for musicians to directly reach their fans with their content and things for sale in ways that have never been possible before. There is more for us to do and we will never stop working to make BandPage the most important channel for musicians to reach their fans, engage them and increase their revenues in the process.

BP Network Overview

Brian Message, PJ Harvey and Nick Cave’s manager, Radiohead’s co-manager and Chairman of the Music Managers Forum, contributed the following quote to the press release, for which we were very grateful:

“BandPage is playing a critical role in empowering musicians to further their careers in the digital age. The future of the music business is the direct musician-to-fan connection and, by working with the music services to build a channel through which musicians can directly reach their fans with content and commercial offers, BandPage is helping musicians capitalize on the tremendous opportunity facing the music business today.”

Our own J Sider may have summed it up best when he said:

“We are in the musician business, the business of driving revenue growth and expanding fan bases on behalf of musicians big and small around the world. For the first time in the history of the music business, the industry has the information and technology necessary to reach billions of fans year round at the right time, with the right offer at the right price. Making that a reality for musicians is why we come into work everyday.”

We look forward to achieving great things for musicians…and for music overall.

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