BandPage at Music Hack Day SF

Some members of Team BandPage spent this past weekend at Music Hack Day SF. It was a great opportunity to check out and use the latest APIs and technologies available in the music tech space.


Hosted at Github HQ (with overnight space provided by Spotify SF) there was plenty of room, ample snacks and of course, great music to motivate the hackers throughout the weekend.

via @musichackday

via @musichackday

The larger team from BandPage offered Walk Up as their hack. In the words of Alex Doronin,

“The idea is that when a person walks into a room, his or her theme song starts playing through speakers.

There are two basic pages. The first allows someone to create a “room” which is connected to speakers. The second allows a user to log in using their facebook account, type a song name and starting point of that song and press “Walk up” button when entering the room. We used the Beats music API to play music in the room.”


Other members of team BandPage stopped by for support. And BandPager Pierre built his own “Prototype Node-SpotifyWebAPI-Midi–Arduino-MotorVibrator-App” to add to the mix. In his own words:

Music, building software and hardware has always been something that I love doing, so I built a hardware hack named “Feel Beats” which combines music with haptic feedback.

A listener searches for a song through a web app I created, which will then find a MIDI version of the song, then extracts the drum notes and use them to power little vibrators through an Arduino board. You hold them in your hands and feet so that you can feel the drummer’s movements while you listened to the song! Pretty cool!

There are some issues, like latency and keeping the beats in sync with the song. This is mainly because there is no proper library for parsing midi files yet so thats on my TODO list. It would also be nice to make the vibrators wireless through bluetooth, but thats something for the future…

If you would like to help out, please go to my repository and contribute.


Want to join our team at the next Hack Day? Check out the career openings on our engineering and product teams.

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