BandPage Is Now The Only Way To Sell Your Offers On Spotify

Today’s announcement from Spotify marks a new way forward for musicians everywhere:

Unfortunately ArtistLink (formerly Topspin) have decided to discontinue their merchandise integration with Spotify.

This means that, as of today, any merchandise which was being distributed to Spotify artist pages via ArtistLink will no longer be displayed to users and artists will not be able to use ArtistLink to add new merchandise to Spotify. So if you had previously used ArtistLink to send merch to Spotify this will no longer work. 

However, you can still display your merchandise and offers on Spotify through our other partner BandPage. Listing merch with BandPage is free and you can also add a wider range of items including experiences and crowdfunding offers. 

BandPage is proud to be the only way for musicians to sell offers to their fans at the places where they’re engaging with them the most. For more information on how to set up your offers on Spotify, visit:


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