BandPage Powers Your Tour Dates on Google

We’ve been hard at work to make sure your Tour Dates reach your fans whenever they are looking for you across the web. Today, Google announced that it’s easier than ever to get Tour Dates from your BandPage in search results.

Google KP
All you need to do is make sure your Tour Dates are up to date in BandPage and add a short line of code to your website that let’s Google know where to find your events, and they’ll begin to show up a few days later in Google search results when your fans search for your tour dates.

Keeping your BandPage tour dates up to date is important so that you can take advantage of this amazing opportunity and also so that you can reach your fans in the other places that BandPage sends your tour dates including VEVO, Xbox Music, SoundCloud, LyricFind, Facebook, your website and more!

Tour Dates Graphic

To get started, simply click below and follow the easy steps outlined. Any questions? Just email our Artist Care team at: and we’ll be happy to help!

get started

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