Tip of the week: Try out the new BandPage Plus features!

Since we launched BandPage Everywhere back in July of 2012, we have received a lot of really helpful feedback from you all about how we could improve these features.  We listened to those requests and are excited to present you with some killer new customizations tools!

Now, you can customize your Website with some great new options:

And you can exercise a bit more customization with your BandPage Extensions:

To access these new features, go to BandPage.com and sign in.  If you aren’t already a Plus user, you can upgrade your page in a few simple steps!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to visit our Help Center or contact us at Support@bandpage.com!

BandPage Now Extends Your Profile to Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud and Sponsored Concert Listings on Pandora

bandpage-now-powersHey BandPagers,

Happy New Year! We’ve got some great news for you. We’re excited to announce the continued expansion of our platform integrations including Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, and now the sponsored Concert Listings on Pandora. With these new integrations, we’re continuing to increase the reach of musicians worldwide with more ways for you to engage your fans.

“We use BandPage for all of our artists from POD to Maroon 5. It’s awesome to be able to control our online presence with just a few clicks, even better now that Pandora and Twitter are new channels. We’re able to spend more time on our online strategy rather than wasting it updating site after site,” says Ryan Kravontrka of Career Artist Management.

The Twitter, Facebook and SoundCloud integrations make it possible for artists to manage how they represent themselves on the biggest online social networking sites by updating their profile photo and parts of their bio from within the BandPage editor. The Pandora Concert Listings, which is sponsored by third-party advertisers, allows artists to manage show dates that appear to listeners based on their Pandora stations and location.

BandPage Powers Twitter, Facebook, Pandora and SoundCloud

“I remember when I was growing up, if I heard a song that resonated with me, it took all sorts of effort to identify the band and find out if, when and where they might be touring. It’s exciting to see artist driven companies work together to create a better experience for the fan and make things easier,” says Grammy-nominated musician Matisyahu.

BandPage is committed to finding new opportunities to help you deliver your content to your fans across the web. Twitter, Facebook, Pandora and SoundCloud are the latest addition to the many platforms you can now manage from within BandPage, and we’ll be continuing to find great places and ways for you to promote your music so make sure to update your profile. It’s an exciting time and we’re excited to be doing this with you!

As always, make sure to follow the BandPage blog for more updates and tips!


Tip of the Week: Logging Into Your BandPage

Did you know that the first product we ever made was BandPage on Facebook?   The original App was designed to provide musicians with an easy and effective way to share their music with fans on Facebook.

But that’s not all.  In recent months we have released a series of other products, like BandPage Everywhere, and BandPage Connect, to enable musicians to set up an online presence that reaches beyond just Facebook.  Because we started on Facebook, we implemented Facebook Connect as a way to identify our users.  This means that in order to use BandPage in any capacity, you must have a fan page on Facebook to connect it to.  

What does Facebook Connect do?  In a nutshell:  it is a system that aggregates Facebook User data from personal profiles and pages, and enables companies like ours to access and understand this information in order to identify who is using our product.  This means that when you log in to your BandPage, we are able to tell that you are who you say you are based on the information that we receive from Facebook Connect.

So why are you telling me this?  In recent weeks, some of you have had trouble logging in because you have deleted the Facebook page that your BandPage Profile is associated with.  While it is true that you no longer have to have an active BandPage on Facebook in order to have a BandPage Profile, we do still use Facebook Connect as a way to ID our users.  So even if you don’t have a BandPage App on the Facebook fan page associated with your BandPage Profile, you do still need to have that page in order to use BandPage.  If you delete the fan page, you remove our ability to know who you are; if we don’t know who you are, you can’t log in.


What if I don’t have Facebook and I want to use BandPage?  We know that Facebook isn’t ideal for all musicians, and that some even prefer not to use it entirely.  We are always exploring ways to improve the BandPage experience and updating our log in system is an important project- enabling musicians to sign up and have a BandPage Profile that is independent of Facebook Connect is definitely on our radar.  While we can’t give you an exact date, know that this is something in the not-so-distant future of BandPage.

In the meantime, if you are having trouble logging in or have some questions that you need to ask us, feel free to contact us at Support@BandPage.com.  Or visit our Help Center to see if your questions have already been answered.

BandPage Announces BandPage Everywhere!

BandPage Announces BandPage Everywhere, Giving Musicians a New Website and Ability to Embed Extensions Into Existing Sites and Blogs

Update Once, Publish Everywhere

When we built BandPage on Facebook many of you asked if you could ‘take it with you’ to your existing Website and blog. Well now you can.  Our new BandPage Everywhere features allow you to take any component of your BandPage (your music player, tour dates, videos or photo gallery ) and quickly and easily embed it on any of your other online properties.  You can use our customizable widgets to easily manage and showcase your content on your various websites without having to call your web developer or know how to code.  And once the widgets have been embedded, updating your content is as easy as logging into BandPage.com and making the appropriate changes.  All updates to your widgets immediately happen in real time.  Managing your content across multiple places has never been easier!

BandPage Widgets

BandPage Widgets are made to blend seamlessly into your existing website or blog design using our transparency slider and black or white background color options.


Our BandPage Website is the easiest way to set up a professional looking artist website in a matter of minutes.  We automatically pull in all of your shows, photos, videos, bio and music from your BandPage Profile and display it in a clean and sleek looking format.

Maroon 5's BandPage Website


The BandPage team is committed to finding new and innovative ways for bands to connect with their fans. We’ve got some great things coming in the next few weeks, and we’d love to hear your feedback, or any questions that you may have.

Our mission here at BandPage is to build the solutions you asked for that make a difference in your day-to-day lives.  For more info on BandPage Everywhere, you can also check out our Press Release


J Sider and the BandPage Team

BandPage University: How to Use Facebook Timeline as a Musician

Today we’re proud to release our first BandPage University: How to Use Facebook Timeline as a Musician.Our Doctor of Pages, Matt Conn has dived into this topic and emerged with the lost tome of the Facebookus Timelinicon.

After the switch to Timeline, many artists have expressed some frustration with the fact that the new rules and best practices for using the system are unclear. Since the switch a few months back, and through working with our artists closely and running some case studies, we feel as though we have some learned some important items that we think would be valuable to share.
Don’t forget to view in fullscreen – free downloads are also available!
Please let us know what you’d like us to dive further into in the future – if you have questions please tweet us at @bandpage.