Raising money for kids – with kazoos


Last week, we hosted an experience with Thao of The Get Down Stay Down at the Hotel Utah, which raised $1000 for Magik Magik’s music for kids program.

The experience brought thirty fans to the Hotel Utah, where they were taught an arrangement (for kazoo!) to Thao’s song ‘We the Common’ by Magik Magik’s amazing Musical Director, Minna Choi. Beer was consumed during the rehearsal.

photo (25)

Soon, Thao arrived and performed with these fans. It was so unique and fun and intimate. She generously played another three songs and then signed everyone’s musical transcripts (Minna had printed out the parts) and took pictures.


Everyone went away floating on the experience. It was so precious and amazing. Keep up with Thao and The Get Down Stay Down and you could be a participant in her next experience!

BandPage Raises $9.25 Million To Help Musicians Reach and Monetize Billions Of Fans Worldwide

Today we are announcing that we have closed a new round of financing that we will use to continue building out the BandPage Partner Network and to keep creating new and powerful revenue channels for musicians. The round was a $9.25 million Series C round led by GGV Capital and Mohr Davidow, firms who have been instrumental in helping guide and support BandPage as we have grown.

This round of financing will help us accelerate towards our goal of helping musicians make great careers, in addition to great art, from being a musician. We will continue to build out partnerships like the ones we have recently announced with Google, Clear Channel, VEVO, Rhapsody, Xbox Music, LyricFind, Live Nation and more. These partnerships are creating ways for musicians to directly reach their fans with their content and things for sale in ways that have never been possible before. There is more for us to do and we will never stop working to make BandPage the most important channel for musicians to reach their fans, engage them and increase their revenues in the process.

BP Network Overview

Brian Message, PJ Harvey and Nick Cave’s manager, Radiohead’s co-manager and Chairman of the Music Managers Forum, contributed the following quote to the press release, for which we were very grateful:

“BandPage is playing a critical role in empowering musicians to further their careers in the digital age. The future of the music business is the direct musician-to-fan connection and, by working with the music services to build a channel through which musicians can directly reach their fans with content and commercial offers, BandPage is helping musicians capitalize on the tremendous opportunity facing the music business today.”

Our own J Sider may have summed it up best when he said:

“We are in the musician business, the business of driving revenue growth and expanding fan bases on behalf of musicians big and small around the world. For the first time in the history of the music business, the industry has the information and technology necessary to reach billions of fans year round at the right time, with the right offer at the right price. Making that a reality for musicians is why we come into work everyday.”

We look forward to achieving great things for musicians…and for music overall.


The BandPage Team

Get Your Tour Dates To Show Up In Google Search Today With BandPage

Our goal as always is to help musicians generate more revenue and grow their fanbase.  We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with Google to display your show dates when anyone searches for you.  This partnership with Google will help more fans find out about your shows, leading to more ticket sales and, ultimately, more revenue in your pocket.  As long as you are using the BandPage show widget to power your show section on your official website, Google will display your upcoming tour dates to anyone searching for you on Google Search.

Here is a step by step video showing you how make sure your BandPage is powering tour dates on Google.

Here’s how it works: when you install a BandPage Shows Widget on your official website, Google will pull in the dates from that Widget and display them next to search results for you and your band.  This display is called the “Knowledge Panel” and your events  looks like this:

google upcoming events

If a fan clicks on one of the dates in the Knowledge Panel, a new screen appears highlighting details about the show and noting that the information is coming from your official website.  It looks like this:mowglisdatebox.png

To control these results, you just need to install a BandPage Shows Widget on your official website.  These widgets are highly customizable so they look great.  Creating and installing them is a snap (the video above shows just how easy it is).  After you’ve done that, anytime you add a new show to your BandPage Profile, it will automatically update on your website and get picked up by Google’s Knowledge Panel.

It’s important to note that Google will only pull in this information if you install a BandPage Shows Widget on your official website, so log in to your BandPage account and set up your widget on your website today to take advantage of this incredible opportunity (see Google’s official blog post about it here).

We are very excited to partner with Google to give you the power to make sure more of your fans know about your shows and buy more tickets, ultimately generating more revenue for you!


J Sider and the BandPage Team

5 Billion Reasons To Update Your BandPage Profile

We have partnered with LyricFind to display your tour dates and store when fans are looking at your songs across major lyric sites like SongMeanings, Lyrics.com, LyricsMode, LyricsFreak, Sing365, and hundreds more.

Every year LyricFind displays lyrics over 5 billion times to fans. Now, for the first time ever, when fans are looking at your lyrics they will also see your tour dates and store on the same page. We believe that fans interested in looking up lyrics to your songs will also be interested in going to your shows and buying something from your store.

Our goal is to get more people to your shows and generate more revenue through your store by getting it in front of millions of fans that might otherwise miss it. Make sure to log in to your BandPage Profile and update your tour dates and store as we are going live with the integration in the next two weeks!

Here’s what it will look like across partner lyric sites:


Update the Store in your BandPage Profile with merch, VIP Experiences and latest products.

profile-store (1)

Add new tour dates to your Shows section in your BandPage Profile.

profile-shows (1)

You can read the full press release here.


J And The BandPage Team

Choosing Experiences to Offer

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 4.16.54 PM

We’ve compiled a list of tips for determining what to offer your fans with Experiences:

  • Come up with multiple Experiences that appeal to different levels of fans – your casual listeners looking to learn more versus your superfans.
  • Set different price points and combine physical and digital offerings to appeal to different types of fans in all locations.
  • Include a tangible good – a physical item to help fans mark the occasion, like a setlist, unique photo opportunity, or exclusive, signed merchandise.
  • Incorporate things outside of music that you’re passionate about to engage fans in a new and exciting way. Are you interested photography, art, design, or food? Include an opportunity to share this passion with your fans.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 4.17.54 PMAnything we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!

Support Unsound

“I’m a musician, not a t-shirt maker. I believe my music is worth something. Musicians have very simple goals…we want to make our music…and have it support us.”
-Zoe Keating

Zoe Keating, Cut Chemist, Tycho and more are highlighted by Count Eldridge in Unsound, his film focused on the 99% of musicians struggling to make a living – and a life – supported by their creativity in the age of the internet.

He shines a light on all aspects of the modern music landscape, including streaming services, illegal downloads, touring, merchandise and fan support. Eldridge includes interviews with editors, authors and copyright experts in addition to perspectives from musicians of all kinds.

Take a look at his extended cut trailer:

Unsound: extended trailer rough cut from Count Eldridge on Vimeo.

Learn more about musicians in the age of the internet and help Count complete his film.

“You can’t be a fan and not support the band.”
- Vernon Reid

VIP packages available for Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

The holidays came early this year! We have an exclusive batch of VIP packages for the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour – aka Beyonce’s global extravaganza.


Each package includes a priority reserved seat available only to BandPage customers, a gift card towards exclusive VIP merchandise, Rent the Runway gift certificate and unique souvenir tour laminate.

The We Like to Party Package also includes early concert access, personalized signed photo, VIP gift bag and Beyonce fragrance.

Looking to go all out? The Dance 4 U Package takes it to the next level with all of the above features in addition to a private VIP fan pre-party before the show and tickets in front of general admission against the stage.

Run the world and shake your bootylicious body from your VIP perch this holiday season!