Calling All SF and LA BandPage Artists!

Culture Collide would like to welcome all BandPage artists from San Francisco or Los Angeles to come be a part of their incredible Creative Summits. All BandPage guests will get free admission with the password – CULTURE COLLIDE LOVES BANDPAGE.


For more information, check out this great read from Alan Miller (founder of Culture Collide) on the history and purpose of the Creative Summits.

San Francisco:
When? October 14th & 15th, starting at 12:30
Where? West of Pecos, 550 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA, 94110

Los Angeles:
When? October 16th & 17th, starting at 12:30
Where? Taix, 1911 Sunset BLVD., Los Angeles, CA, 90026

Win a $25,000 Recording Session!

BandPage and Zoo Labs have teamed up to offer artists the chance of a lifetime: a trip to the Bay Area for an immersive 10-day accelerator for musicians.

BandPage will fly the winner to record an EP in Zoo Labs’ state-of-the-art recording facility. There, they will work with mentors to build a long-term business strategy as part of this groundbreaking music residency program.

This opportunity is valued at over $25,000. How can you be considered? Easy. Simply update your BandPage profile, and set up an Experience to be offered to your fans via your BandPage Store. Offers will be judged by their uniqueness and how well they sell.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please reach out to Artist Support at


Sell Directly To Your Fans On Spotify From Your BandPage Store!

At BandPage, our mission is to help you, the musician, increase revenue and grow your fan base by helping you reach hundreds of millions of fans across major music platforms.  As new music services have exploded on the scene, millions of fans are spending more and more of their time there. These new platforms have rapidly become the most significant and important places to engage and sell to your fans.

Today, we take a great step forward in helping you do that by launching our partnership with Spotify, the world’s largest subscription streaming music service. Through this partnership, musicians can now sell directly to their fans when they listen to their music on Spotify.

How Does It Work?

Simple. If you have a BandPage profile, head over to and log into your account.  If you don’t have a BandPage profile yet, sign up at, and create some offers for sale in your BandPage Store.  As long as your music is currently up on Spotify, those offers will be automatically matched to your Spotify profile. Within three business days, your offers will be reviewed and, once approved, will be available for all of your fans to buy directly from you on Spotify.

bandpage_spotify_email (2)


There is virtually no limit to what you can add to your BandPage Store and make available on Spotify.  Everything from exclusive merch bundles to pre-show meet-and-greets to online concerts to crazy adventures around town are all fair game.

So that’s it, now through your BandPage profile, Spotify is open for business.

get started

BandPage Now Allows You to Sell Directly to Millions of Fans on Shazam – Join The Beta!

We are always looking for ways to help you sell more of the items from the Store section of your BandPage Profile. Through a new program with Shazam, we have opened up a fantastic new channel to do just that. Now, for the first time ever, when a fan ‘tags’ your song on Shazam, they will see the offers you have for sale in your BandPage Profile displayed right there on the Shazam results page.



How can my band participate? Easy. Log in to your BandPage profile, click the ‘Store’ section, and create some great offers for your fans to buy. We are starting with a select group of musicians, but will soon roll this out to everyone so make sure your profile is up-to-date with your latest merch, experiences and other offers.  We will review all offers for participation in the beta and let you know if you qualify for early access.


get started



If you’re looking for good ideas for what to offer fans on Shazam, check out these offers from Nico & Vinz (signed lyrics), Paramore (bracelet), Parmalee ($20 VIP package) or George Clinton (custom phone message). Be creative – think beyond just selling your band’s t-shirt!

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please reach out to Artist Support at

We are incredibly excited for this partnership and we can’t wait to help you grow your fan base and make more money as a result of it!

Submit Your Music to the IMAs with BandPage Connect

The 14th Annual Independent Music Awards have just opened up for submissions — and BandPage makes it easy to add your name to the mix with BandPage Connect.

IMAWinners receive amazing benefits, including a 12 week radio promotion campaign, inclusion on digital download cards, promotion to millions of eMusic subscribers, and more.

Check out the just-announced 13th Annual IMA Winners. This could be you next year, so submit your band now and take the first steps towards standing on the podium in 2015!





BandPage at Music Hack Day SF

Some members of Team BandPage spent this past weekend at Music Hack Day SF. It was a great opportunity to check out and use the latest APIs and technologies available in the music tech space.


Hosted at Github HQ (with overnight space provided by Spotify SF) there was plenty of room, ample snacks and of course, great music to motivate the hackers throughout the weekend.

via @musichackday

via @musichackday

The larger team from BandPage offered Walk Up as their hack. In the words of Alex Doronin,

“The idea is that when a person walks into a room, his or her theme song starts playing through speakers.

There are two basic pages. The first allows someone to create a “room” which is connected to speakers. The second allows a user to log in using their facebook account, type a song name and starting point of that song and press “Walk up” button when entering the room. We used the Beats music API to play music in the room.”


Other members of team BandPage stopped by for support. And BandPager Pierre built his own “Prototype Node-SpotifyWebAPI-Midi–Arduino-MotorVibrator-App” to add to the mix. In his own words:

Music, building software and hardware has always been something that I love doing, so I built a hardware hack named “Feel Beats” which combines music with haptic feedback.

A listener searches for a song through a web app I created, which will then find a MIDI version of the song, then extracts the drum notes and use them to power little vibrators through an Arduino board. You hold them in your hands and feet so that you can feel the drummer’s movements while you listened to the song! Pretty cool!

There are some issues, like latency and keeping the beats in sync with the song. This is mainly because there is no proper library for parsing midi files yet so thats on my TODO list. It would also be nice to make the vibrators wireless through bluetooth, but thats something for the future…

If you would like to help out, please go to my repository and contribute.


Want to join our team at the next Hack Day? Check out the career openings on our engineering and product teams.